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The biggest project or is it now???

They added me on tweeter this morning. I must admit, I've seen some of my friends and other people on flickr who have joined the project. And I have been curious and wanted to jump on the awesome band wagon but haven't really gotten around to actually doing it. (I thought you were supposed to start in the beginning of the year each time) Hahaha! Plus, I gifted my self with a new camera for Vday. So, it seemed a perfect time to join in on the project.

Anyway, do any of you have 365 accounts? If not and you like taking pictures, maybe you should consider signing up? Do it! And don't forget to add me: IMNOTDAISY

Add me, anyone, friends, LJ friends, non-LJ friends. I just love looking at photos!! I haven't uploaded anything yet but I'll get to it later.

Art by Melissa Contre 001

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  • 01:34 Star light.. star bright.. I wish I may.. I wish I might see TWILIGHT tonight! Oh well, I'll just read the book over and watch it next week.

Art by Melissa Contre 001

tribute to girls..

This is my tribute to the nice girls. To the nice girls who are overlooked, who become friends and nothing more, who spend hours fixating upon their looks and their personalities and their actions because it must be they that are doing something wrong. This is for the girls who don't give it up on the first date, who don't want to play mind games, who provide a comforting hug and a supportive audience for a story they've heard a thousand times. This is for the girls who understand that they aren't perfect and that the guys they're interested in aren't either, for the girls who flirt and laugh and worry and obsess over the slightest glance, whisper, touch, because somehow they are able to keep alive that hope that maybe... maybe this time he'll have understood. This is an homage to the girls who laugh loud and often, who are comfortable in skirts and sweats and combat boots, who care more than they should for guys who don't deserve their attention. This is for those girls who have been in the trenches, who have watched other girls time and time again fake up and make up and fuck up the guys in their lives without saying a word. This is for the girls who have been there from the beginning and have heard the trite words of advice, from "there are plenty of fish in the sea," to "time heals all wounds." This is to honor those girls who know that guys are just as scared as they are, who know that they deserve better, who are seeking to find it.

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